2019 World Oceans Day

Calling all lovers of the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, and Southern Oceans! Today is World Oceans Day. How are you going to take a stand against threats to our planet's beloved blue? 

World Oceans Day is a day to celebrate and honor our planet's beautiful oceans. Why? Well, they generate most of the oxygen we breathe, help to feed us, regulate our climate, and even clean the water we drink. So although we may take them for granted, these massive bodies of water make up some of the key pieces of life on earth - and it's our job to conserve them. 

Despite their massive expanses and boundless biodiversity, the oceans as we know them are falling victim to human influence. Pollution, climate change, and over-fishing are all playing a role in the degradation of oceanic health. These films give us a look into the seas we live amongst, the problems they face, and the people who have dedicated themselves to protecting them. 

Check out these three films that speak to the beauty, mystery, and fragility of our oceans:


(1) Spirit of Discovery (2017)

Oceanographer Walter Munk’s brilliant scientific “failures” and pursuit of daring exploration changed the way we understand our Blue Planet and literally helped save western civilization. Deemed the "Einstein of Oceans", his work in oceanography pioneered our modern understanding of tides, ocean circulation, and surf forecasting.

This 2017 festival film illustrates how at age 96, Walter set off on a mission to research the unique flying Devil Rays that bear his name. Age is nothing but a number for the man who has dedicated his life to the deep blue sea. 

(Eliana Alvarez Martinez, USA, 2017, 60 min.)


(2) The Islands and the Whales (2016)

In this 2016 film, director Mike Day takes us to the rugged and forbidding Faroe Islands of the UK. The Faroese whale hunters, decedents of Norse settlers, have been living off the remote and harsh islands for over 1300 years, surrounded by hundreds of miles of rough seas. With hunting as vital to their way of life, present-day marine pollution is threatening their lively sanctuary forever. From the pressures of climate change to mercury contamination, the traditional foods and environments which many still rely on are at great risk. In this cinematographic masterpiece, The Islands and the Whales deftly explore how even the most remote waters on earth are being affected by global pollution. 

(Mike Day, UK, 2016, 84 min.)


(3) A Plastic Ocean (2016)

Filmed over four years in more than 20 locations across the planet, Plastic Ocean is an ocean adventure of a lifetime - but the plastic it shows will last far past all of our lifetimes. The film follows Craig Leeson, ocean explorer and journalist, as he tracks wildlife, plastic rivers, and entire communities living among toxic plastic refuse. Scientists and experts examine the history, the sources and define the impacts of plastic pollution on the environment and health, and provide solutions to this crisis. A dramatic call to action, this 2016 film demonstrates that the plastic pollution solution is one we all can and must be involved in. 

(Craig Leeson, UK, 2016, 100 min.)

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