World Environment Day 2019

This year's World Environment Day will be a breath of fresh air. Or - at least a breath of air. 

photo: From the Ashes

June 5th has been designated by the UN as World Environment Day! This year, the event will be hosted by China with the theme of "Air Pollution". This global day of awareness is urging governments, industry, communities, and individuals to explore renewable energy technology in order to improve air quality worldwide. With a reported 92% of the world population not breathing clean air, this is a call to action that the UN is recognizing as urgent. 

One of our previous year's films sets the stage for what kinds of conversations we can expect today: 

Film: From the Ashes (2017)

The Green Film Festival featured film "From the Ashes" (2017) tells the grueling tale of coal's toll on American health, economy, and politics. In the increasingly polarized Trump era, communities across the nation face a shifting agenda that pushes the 19th-century technology on people entering the 21st century. This film encapsulates the ins and outs of a polarized nation, one whose priorities are split between profit and longevity. The film features San Francisco's former Mayor, Ed Lee, as he discusses SF's renewable energy future goals and current achievements. 

(Michael Bonfiglio, USA, 2017, 81 mins.)

Take the Challenge!

This year, the UN has challenged the citizens of the world to take action. The 'Mask Challenge' encourages people to snap photos of themselves wearing breathing masks, as often seen across China due to low air quality. To complete the challenge, these images, along with a pledge to take action, can be posted on social media accounts using #WorldEnvironmentDay and #BeatAirPollution, and tagging @UNEnvironment in the post.

To learn more about the 2019 Mask Challenge, visit the World Environment Day website. 

Local Action:

San Francisco residents and businesses – be part of the solution by choosing 100% renewable SuperGreen energy with CleanPowerSF. Learn more at 

Also, check out the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (SF Green Film Fest Partner). They are working to establish the Bay Area as a leading area for emissions reductions in mobile sources, land-use planning, innovative technology, and energy through incentives and partnerships. Learn more at