Cinema is universal, without any walls

Our program is already starting to come together for April! Once more, we’ll be taking you on an epic voyage around the globe, with many international films already confirmed for the line-up.

This is even more vital with all the news of the past two weeks.

I’ve been thinking about my own story of coming to this country as an immigrant in 2004. It’s my greatest pride to live and work here and to launch the Green Film Fest.

For me, the films we bring to San Francisco are a unique window into what is happening in the world. A chance to spend time with people in far off countries and share in their environmental challenges, successes, and heartaches.

SFGFF works year-round with 30 leading international environmental film festival partners, as part of the Green Film Network. Diverse festivals, from Seoul to Tehran, Rio de Janeiro to Berlin.  

At Green Film Fest 2017 we’ll welcome films & guests from our sister festivals in MexicoRussia, and Dominican Republic. Stay tuned for the full announcements next month!

Closer to home, I’m thankful to be surrounded by the cultural diversity of our staff and volunteer teams. Their experiences and perspectives bring our work to life.

After all, the language of cinema is truly universal, without any walls.


Rachel Caplan, Festival Founder & CEO