Wild VR: A new reality for environmental storytelling

Get up close to wildlife in this immersive Virtual Reality workshop. Be at the center of a herd of Bison; foraging alongside a Grizzly; and diving among Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.


Green Film Fest Screening - April 16, 2016

VR has the power to move people in a whole new way. Sometimes called an "empathy machine", this new technology brings the audience into the story, driving emotions and motivating action, making it an exciting new possiblity for environmental campaigns. After experiencing VR for yourself, join a discussion with leading experts in this dynamic new field and discover its potential to protect our most at risk species.

DISCUSSION WITH: Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times; Drew Olanoff, River Studios; Jason Reinhardt, Condition One.

You can read a transcript of the discussion on the River Studios blog.


Co-Presented by: River Studios.