When Two Worlds Collide

Chronicling the fight between indigenous communities and government-supported business interests in the Peruvian Amazon.


Heidi Brandenburg & Mathew Orzel





Running Time

103 mins 



SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - September 20, 2016

San Francisco Premiere.

The Amazon Rainforest - one of the planet's most valuable natural resources - is being auctioned off, and its people condemned.

When Two Worlds Collide reveals the human side to the battle of conflicting visions and political wills working to shape the future of the Amazon, and of an already debilitated global ecosystem.

Alberto Pizango, a young indigenous leader fights to make the voices of indigenous Peruvians heard. He stands up to political leaders who have invited foreign (especially American) companies to invest in Peru's natural-resources riches and is accused of conspiracy and inciting violence.

Shooting the film over eight years, with footage from the directors and from people on the ground at the protests, gives you special access to the key players on both sides and an insiders view of this environmental and political conflict.

"‘When Two Worlds Collide’ Review: Greed Is Global In This Compelling Documentary About A Peruvian Tragedy. What starts as a nuanced portrait of a local crisis unfolds into an environmental warning with worldwide implications." ~ Read more on IndieWire 

"‘When Two Worlds Collide’, in particular, reminds us that other cultures exist and that those cultures create immeasurable value for us all. We hope that viewers walk away questioning their assumptions on the cost of development. We want the audience to feel a sense of urgency to further the global dialogue on the balance between resource extraction and the people and environments it impacts". ~ Heidi Brandenburg, director (Read more on Green Film Network)