What is the Film Archive?


Here at SFGFF we love every one of the hundreds of environmental films we have screened over the years.

Every film was hand picked by our Festival Curators and we created the Archive to allow you to discover these stunning environmental documentaries now.

We designed our Film Archive as a jumping off point for anyone with a desire to learn more about the environmental films and issues we promote here at SFGFF.

We have a collection of over 100 feature films in the Archive. Each film has been screened at one of our events, ranging from community events throughout the year to our flagship annual Green Film Fest. We'll be adding more of our archive as soon as we can!

What will you find in the Archive?

- Each Film page provides a short explanation of the film, a trailer and personalized statistics.

- If you want to delve more deeply into a film then you'll find links to the films website and any campaigns they are involved in.

- If you are particularly interested in a specific environmental issue, whether it's animals or zero waste, follow the tags at the top of the film page to find more films on that topic.

Connecting Films to Action

We're always trying to bridge the gap between the issues in these environmental documentaries and what's happening here in the Bay Area.

We have selected environmental themes that the Festival has always supported through films and discussion at our events.

Over in our Take Action section, you'll find Bay Area connections and ideas for actions for these most pressing environmental issues and, of course, the films that inspired us over the years.

Share your Green Film Story

We want to hear about the environmental films that drive your green passions. Add your comments to the Archive and Take Action pages, tell us how a film inspired you and what you want to get involved in.

You can read how films inspired SFGFF Founder, Rachel Caplan, to create the Festival over on Our Story