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SFChronicle_SeeingGreen_Trump"Film Festival tackles climate change and Donald Trump".

That was the San Francisco Chronicle headline when we launched the 2nd Green Film Fest in March 2012 with the premiere of You've Been Trumped.

Now, as then, we pledge to fight for the environment and for independent filmmakers.

Our new political era brings many challenges: an administration of climate change deniers with direct threats to the recent progress of the Paris Agreement, Clean Power Plan, and the EPA.

I don't know what the next four years will bring, but one thing is certain: sharing stories of climate change from around the world is going to be more vital than ever.

Like you, we’re no stranger to this fight. The journey began for us in 2012 with Anthony Baxter’s brilliant exposé, You’ve Been Trumped – which went on to win our Best Feature Award. (you can watch it free online here).

With a courageous approach, Baxter took great risks to penetrate the ongoing operation of Donald Trump and his designs to turn people’s homes into a destination golf course in Scotland.

As a native of Scotland, I was drawn to the film's David and Goliath portrayal of my fellow countrymen taking on a noisy and annoying American businessman.

I was shocked at Trump's ambitions to destroy the homes of people who'd lived for generations on their land, as well as a stunning stretch of coastal wilderness. (I also hugely enjoyed the film's parallels to Bill Forsyth's 1983 classic, Local Hero - a personal movie favorite.)

Of course, I was keen to keep tracking the story and happy to see that a sequel was planned, digging further into the eco-impact of luxury golf resorts around the world. A Dangerous Game had a sell-out showing at the 2015 Festival with a riveting filmmaker Q&A.

Now, in 2016, Anthony Baxter's films seem more prescient than ever. I'm proud to have backed the third film in his series, You’ve Been Trumped Too. Six years later, in the wake of Trump's golf development, life is still in ruins for many of the local residents.

"Truth doesn’t matter, greed rules, and if you aren’t powerful enough to hit back at Trump, then the hell with you... You’ve Been Trumped Too raises a valid question...how would Trump, if elected, treat the American people?" - Variety.

Since the Festival's first year, we've taken risks to get these films to audiences. And we'll keep supporting them in the coming years. For filmmakers like Anthony, we've got their back.

More than ever, we must support independent filmmakers. They are bringing us the most important environmental issues and we need to share their stories with even bigger audiences.

With your support, we can put environmental films center stage.

Donate now to help filmmakers get to Green Film Fest 2017. Your gift will go directly to our Filmmaker Fund, bringing directors to San Francisco to share their work and ideas.

I know that together we can use the power of film to instigate change.

Rachel Caplan
Founder & CEO


Festival founder Rachel Caplan with filmmaker Anthony Baxter at the SF Premiere of A Dangerous Game at the Roxie Theatre in 2015.