Twelve Pianos

Closing Night: A documentary film about artist/musician Mauro ffortissimo, and some pianos that want to save the world.


Dean Mermell





Running Time

64 mins 


SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - April 24, 2017

World Premiere.

2017 Green Fire Award Finalist: Half Moon Bay, California. Mauro ffortissimo, an artist and musician, drags an old grand piano onto the bluffs near his home by the sea. He plays it every evening at sunset for the migrating whales passing just offshore. Soon after, his installations of twelve pianos take over the San Mateo Coast, as world-class musicians, enthusiasts, and novices alike come to play in the exquisite natural surroundings. Finally, with pianos on the streets of San Francisco, the city’s rebellious artist’s soul stirs once again. Filmmaker Dean Mermell captures the incredible sights and sounds of this unusual passion project, in a film that asks: As the world rushes headlong into an unknown future, what good things from the past are worth saving?

DISCUSSION WITH: Dean Mermell, filmmaker, and special guests - Plus live piano performances!