The Long Haul: First Feature Film

Making a movie is hard. Finding a story, assembling the right crew, location scouting, scheduling, long production days, painstaking post-production days, and finally sending your film out into the world -- it calls for a particular type of courage.

first_feature.jpg And, if there is anything harder than making a movie, it is making your first feature movie.

Financing is often the biggest barrier to entry, and getting financiers to trust you as a first-time feature director. Then there is the challenge of staying within budget (or continuous fundraising), as the production and post-production timelines span the days, weeks, months, and often years needed to complete a feature film. 

But, even with all these challenges, some stories demand to be told. And told in feature length. At the Green Film Fest, we applaud those filmmakers who have embraced the challenges, been fearless, and created their first feature film. 

Some of the first-time feature directors, whose films you can catch at the Festival are:

Shalini Kantayya's Catching the Sun, which profiles solar job trainees, a CEO, and a community activist, and reveals the ups and downs of the emerging, yet global race for clean energy. Kantayya's film brings heart to a tough topic, and is the winner of the Green Film Fest Best Feature Award.

I am Chut Wutty by Fran Lambrick and Vanessa de Smet, exposes the fierce battle of Cambodian community activists against corrupt rubber plantations and logging syndicates, with Chut Wutty ultimately paying with his own life. The community strives to defiantly continues to protect its precious Prey Lang forest -- one of the last remaining wildernesses in Southeast Asia.

Jeff Martin's film A River Between Us shows the impact that four dams and unequal water rights of the Klamath River have had on its communities in Southern Oregon and Northern California, who have been feuding over its water for generations. If the communities of the Klamath River succeed in compromising, it could lead to the largest river restoration project in American history.

~ Ambika Jain, San Francisco Green Film Festival Board.

See these and many more new green films this April at 2016 Green Film Fest.