What People Are Saying


Our Festival Survey captures more views from movie-goers. 90% of respondents say the Festival has inspired them to take action. Here are some of the reasons why…

“I've been an environmental activist for over 50 years and love the inspiration to continue on even though it sure can be an uphill battle." ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2019

“It was fun and self-reflective without being entirely hopeless. Very powerful and thought-provoking.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2019

“As a cultural producer, artist, activist, it inspires the different ways to create work, raise awareness, and engage with my community.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2019

“I really want to contribute to these people who are putting their literal heart and soul to bring us these stories.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2019

“I’m encouraged to see how many people are here and are actually paying attention, and are learning about climate change and how they can help.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2018

“It was so incredible to see all the native American activists and their families on stage, sharing their visions and greater passion. This was deeply moving and inspiring.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2018

“I want to take the information that I learn from this, and hopefully reach more people with it, to help people to know more about the environment and better it through knowledge.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2018

“Nature rocks, and we need to do what we can to keep it rockin’.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2018

“It's a topic I wanted to learn more about, and this film and discussion really showed me new aspects” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2017

“Seeing a story from an alternative POV was heartbreaking but real. Hearing the Q&A with the director provided us with the important behind-the- scenes details.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2017

“Wonderful to see so many passionate people in one place.” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2016

“So thankful to have a film festival like this! All green films brought together, bringing like-minded change seekers together... Opening night tonight at Castro was amazing!!! Thanks ever so much!!!” ~ audience member, Green Film Fest 2016

You can find more audience reactions at Green Speak Out!.


"Movies merely have stars. The San Francisco Green Film Festival displays a whole constellation. I have learned a great deal from the films I’ve seen there over the years, and I've encountered, in person and on screen, inspiring people. This year’s festival was the best of all. I feel proud to have participated in it and encouraged to know the work of others who took part in the festival." ~ Stephen Most & Kevin White, Wilder Than Wild: Fire, Forests, and the Future

"The San Francisco Green Film Festival is an activist driven event that prioritizes not just excellence in filmmaking but the importance in bringing to light stories of our natural world that collide with the human experience."  ~ Soumyaa Kapil Behrens, Nail House

“We greatly appreciated all of the hard work of everyone in this incredibly well organized Green Film Festival in San Francisco.  As filmmakers, this festival exceeded our expectations. The programming was a delight and the workshop sessions were so great to be a part of. We hope to be back again.” ~ Roger Williams, & Lisa Mazzotta, RiverBlue

“A wonderful festival and a great film going experience - my film crew and I felt like part of the family. The programmers and staff are full of heart and I was delighted to find films that illuminated not just our environment but many topics beyond that." ~ Tal Skloot, 4 Wheel Bob

"The entire team at the SF Green Film Festival were wonderful to work with. My screening was sold out and the Q&A afterwards was lively, interesting, and may lead to some funding opportunities. Would definitely submit again." ~ Jason Hanasik, Eyes on the Water

"This was a fabulous film festival! Such generous hospitality. The selections of films were very high quality. The communication with staff was attentive. They also had great events like the opening reception and a Sunday filmmakers brunch. The director of the festival, Rachel Caplan, is a visionary. I highly recommend this festival!" ~ Eve Morgenstern, Cheshire, Ohio

"Fantastic festival full of compelling films at historic theaters, engaging discussions, and great hospitality! It was an amazing weekend and I definitely plan to return!" ~ Allison Otto, Property

“I can't think of a better place to have debuted than at such a well curated, well orchestrated festival.” Dan Goldes, 5 Blocks

"One of my favorite festivals! I always look forward to the fulfilling experience of attending and meeting other filmmakers. Also the festival director consistently adds value for filmmakers who attend year after year." ~ Kristin Tieche, Velo Visionaries

“One of SF’s finest traditions. An honor to screen at SF Green.” ~ Shalini Kantayya, Catching the Sun

“What can I say, but that I love SF Green. We are very proud to have our world premiere right here in San Francisco.” ~ Mark Decena, filmmaker, Not Without Us

“ The San Francisco Green Film Festival is at the epicenter of a global consciousness tsunami we all need to ride!” ~ Denis Delestrac, Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping

"What an amazing turn out of San Francisco's best environmental supporters! There is no shortage of passion among the festival staff and the audience." ~ Gina Papabeis, co-producer, Racing Extinction

“It was wonderful being able to screen at the Green Film Festival, and it was a fantastic audience and reception. It was so nice to meet everyone, and I hope to see you again at the festival in the future!" ~ Brad Allgood, director, Landfill Harmonic

“Your support was so valuable for our process in making the film. And the festival itself is so inspiring! I look forward to collaborating in the future." ~ Michelle Steinberg, director, Beyond Recognition

“I had a very positive experience. You all were able to get a good crowd and SF is the kind of town that responds to a film like this in a more sophisticated way than most, which was rewarding to see. ~ Sandy McLeod, Seeds of Time



"Nine years ago this fest was ahead of its time; finally, the world has caught up." ~ SF/Arts

"The increasingly essential San Francisco Green Film Festival... invites us to think globally, act locally." ~ SF Chronicle Datebook 

"The Green Film Festival is doing an amazing job educating the public and shining a spotlight on these relevant topics." ~ SF Public Press

“The throughlines that connect these films are optimism and activism. Solutions exist, close to home, and more and more people are involved. A movie may not change the world, but it can cultivate community.” ~ KQED

“From protecting the waters of the Okavango Delta in Africa to re-introducing the Native American tradition of prescribed fires in California, the festival highlights the grassroots efforts of everyday people — in particular, indigenous populations and women — whose acts of bravery can inspire us all.” ~ SF Weekly

"A rare amalgam of elevation, activism, education and inspiration, the Green Film Festival is the kind of event where you can pick a film, any film, from the program and walk away thrilled." ~ KQED Arts

"The San Francisco Green Film Festival is unapologetically about advocacy. The goal isn’t just to educate audiences about many environment issues but also to inspire them to take action." ~ San Francisco Chronicle

“Since its inception seven years ago, the San Francisco Green Film Fest has taken on tough environmental issues such as global warming and pollution, but even as the weeklong event has highlighted dire problems, the goal has always been to offer inspiration and hope.” ~ David Lewis, SF Chronicle

“Now in its 7th year, the area’s leading ecology-minded film festival seems a public service of particularly urgent importance in 2017” ~ Dennis Harvey, 48 Hills 

“There’s still hope for planet earth at the SF Green Film Festival”  ~ Michael Fox, KQED Arts


"Kaiser Permanente has proudly supported the SF Green Film Festival for many years because creating a forum to view and discuss the pressing environmental issues of our time through the medium of film is one way to ensure the health and wellbeing of our communities. We feel the values of both our organization and the film festival are in alignment regarding the importance of how a healthy environment leads to healthy people.” ~ Kaiser Permanente

“The San Francisco Green Film Festival highlights important social and environmental issues that are the defining issues of our times. Many of these issues are also at the heart of New Resource Bank’s mission. We are pleased to support organizations that are working to make a positive impact in the world, much like the Green Film Festival is.” ~ New Resource Bank




“The best thing about visiting the Festival was being inspired to change.”

"It has solidified my mission in life and educated my family as well."

"This was my first Green Film Festival and I loved it!  The caliber of the films was excellent and provided new great learnings and insights. Thank you!"

"I liked the exposure to films that would not be shown in traditional veins of media."

"The energetic Q&A following BANANAS!* was a unique experience to supplement the film screening; it provided learning and critical thought that I couldn’t get anywhere else. The festival did a great job of covering the green topics I was aware of as well as introducing me to new ideas and issues."

"SF Green Film Fest was a huge success!! Fueled by knowledge and desire to pay attention, take action, read labels, and live greener."

"The variety of environmental films and their almost uniformly positive tone was unique."

“I love the San Francisco Green Film Festival, because the corporate media is not telling us the stories we need to know and the Festival is.” ~ Annie LeonardGreenpeace

“I love the San Francisco Green Film Festival because it gives me hope, big ideas, new things to think about and new ways to organize and be an activist.” ~ Karen Topakian, Greenpeace

Photos by Pamela Gentile and Tommy Lau.