Technology Will Never Look The Same Again

Dropped jaws, and shocked gasps filled the room at Tuesday night’s San Francisco premiere of Death by Design by Sue Williams.

The sold out screening produced by the San Francisco Green Film Festival, as part of Bay Area Science Festival, was a rude awakening for many in the room.

Death By Design

It’s hard to imagine how much waste is produced from everyday technology and the effects it has on people’s health and the environment until you actually see it for yourself.

Black and blue rivers, a mentally ill child, multiple deaths from cancer, and technology sweatshops are what attendees can now associate with their beloved devices.

Following the film, Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times and Kyle Wiens, iFixit (pictured), answered questions to shed more light on the different problems.

Discussing the challenge with phones, Kyle said:

“Out out of all of the elements in a phone, there are about 50 total elements on the periodic table in the phone and we’re good at recycling and recovering about only 13 of those.”

Therefore, Wiens can’t stress enough, the importance of using phones longer; fixing them; and/or recycling phones down to others.

He explains:

“As long as we use phones for 10 years we are fine. Or if you have a phone for a year or two and sell it on Craigslist to someone else and every couple years it makes its way to a new owner, then that’s okay too.”

Wien’s currently uses an iphone 4, which came out in 2010. His iphone runs on iOS 5 because iOS 6 would make his phone unusable. This prevents him from using certain applications like Uber and people were amazed.

Wien’s company iFixit, is a company that practices what he preaches. The company’s mission is to help people keep their devices for longer by giving them the tools and manuals to fix and improve almost device.

As the discussion came to an end, people began to realize that the problem was in their hands. The powerful film by Williams, opens people’s eyes, and encourages people to change because you never know when it’ll be too late.

You can sign up to their Repair Pledge and start fixing now!