Taste the Waste

Valentin Thurn's timely and startling documentary on global food waste (did you know that on the way from the farm to the dining-room table, more than half of all food ends up in the garbage?) is both a call to arms and a how-to for doing our best to eliminate this major problem.


Valentin Thurn





Running Time

92 mins

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SFGFF Film Program:

Taste_the_Waste_1.jpgAccording to Valentin Thurn's alarming, eye-opening new documentary on food waste, about half of all food globally produced ends up being thrown away, while some four billion people live in a state of constant food emergency.

In an investigation that circles the globe, Taste the Waste examines the widespread causes of this massive squandering, interviewing everyone in the food chain from consumers to food producers to politicians and administrators as Thurn uncovers the truly shocking scale of food spoilage. Our desire for perfect produce, for constantly available items no matter the season, is key, as Turin uncovers a system that seems perversely dedicated to daily destroying half of its product.

This activist documentary, which comes connected to an online effort to reform the food supply chain, also looks for solutions, interviewing dumpster divers, enlightened supermarket managers attempting to educate their customers into purchasing less harmfully sourced foodstuffs, consumer associations forming links between purchasers and smaller, local producers. If you eat, Thurn's film is of direct concern to you. ~ Vancouver Intl. Film Festival

Screening:  March 06, 2012 at New People Cinema. SF Premiere.

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