Sunny side up - solar powered inspiration

Are you an aspiring film maker but aren’t sure where to start? Or are you passionate about climate change and have a story to tell?

Our Climate Action Film Contest is an opportunity to win cash prizes and have your film shown at the 6th San Francisco Green Film Festival.

We’re looking for short films – less than three minutes – about how you’re making the city a greener place. You don’t need fancy equipment: a phone or a GoPro will do just fine.

Stuck for inspiration? In previous blogs we’ve looked at cycling and food waste as potential topics.

It might be that renewable energy stokes your (environmentally-friendly) fires. Solar power is being used in increasingly more creative ways: check out some of our favorites below. Team visit to the solar-powered vodka distillery in Hawaii anyone?


Renewable restrooms

An environmental scientist at Caltech has won a grant to develop a solar powered toilet that could solve a major health problem in developing countries. It also turns waste into fuel. 



Cheers to that

A solar-powered vodka distillery. In Hawaii. Happy to go and research this further if anyone needs more information.



Solar flight

Never feel guilty about a long-haul flight again. Take a solar plane. They've been around the world to promote clean technologies and right now they're in Hawaii.



White, red, rose... Green?

Californian winemakers like are working on ways to make their production more energy-efficient by incorporating solar power. (There's a theme here.)





Check out our How To Guide on creating short films if you need more tips.

The  Climate Action Film Contest is presented by SF Green Film Festival, SF Department of the Environment, and The Mix at SF Public Library.

THANK YOU to our contest sponsors: ARUP, Google, Wells Fargo, Autodesk, and the Business Council on Climate Change.