SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories

When Jon Bowermaster arrived in Louisiana in July 2008 to make a film about the relationship between man and water, he could never have predicted his reportage would end with the planet’s biggest ecologic disaster – the BP oil spill polluting the Gulf of Mexico.


Jon Bowermaster





Running Time

60 mins

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SFGFF Film Program:

SoLaIn SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories, we meet some of the most unique individuals working on water resource issues, giving voice and humanity to these man-made messes. The film captures what is most at risk environmentally as we continue to take the Gulf coast for granted, while simultaneously reminding us of the culture that binds the region. If these voices are not heard, too soon what remains will disappear, drowned by pollution, erosion, storms, and man's neglect.

Screening: March 04, 2011 at the Bently Reserve