Slums: Cities of Tomorrow (Bidonville: architectures de la ville future)

From the heart of the planet's slums and squats, individuals have taken over these marginalized worlds and erected cities in their own image.


Jean-Nicolas Orhon





Running Time

83 mins 

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SFGFF Film Program:

SF Green Film Festival Screening: June 2, 2015


Our cities are becoming overcrowded. One in six people lives in a slum, a squat, or any other precarious dwelling. In

Slums: Cities of Tomorrow, director Jean-Nicolas Orhon gives us an intimate look at the inhabitants and families who, through resilience and ingenuity, have built homes that are well suited to their needs.Often finding inspiration from the architectural traditions of their places of origin.

From Mumbai, India, home of the largest slum in all of Asia; to a tent city in Lakewood, New Jersey; via Marseille, France; Kitcisakik, Quebec; and Rabat, Morroco, get a new perspective on these communities.


- Robert Cortlandt, Producer/Director, 5 Blocks

- Bevan Dufty, Director, Mayor's Office of HOPE (Housing Opportunity, Partnerships & Engagement)

- Zhao Qi, Producer, The Chinese Mayor

- Kristy Wang, Community Planning Policy Director, SPUR.