Short Films - 2016 SF Green Film Festival

We know that good things can come in small packages. Throughout the Festival we showcase an array of new, International short films.

Here's the A-Z of shorts screened at the 2016 Green Film Fest.

62 Years

Logan Bockrath, USA, 2015, 9mins

The last time Ken Brower traveled down the Yampa River in Northwest Colorado was with his father, David Brower, in 1952. This was the year his father became the first executive director of the Sierra Club and joined the fight against a pair of proposed dams on the Green River in Northwest Colorado. The dams - a big one at Echo Park and a smaller one at Split Mountain - would have flooded the canyons of the Green and its tributary, the Yampa, inundating the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. With a conservation campaign that included a book, magazine articles, a film, a traveling slideshow, grassroots organizing, river trips and lobbying, David Brower and the Sierra Club ultimately won the fight - ushering in a period many consider the dawn of modern environmentalism. 62 years later, Ken revisited the Yampa and Green Rivers to reflect on his father's work, their 1952 river trip and how we will confront the looming water crisis in the American West.


A Line in the Sand

Chris Cresci, Justin Clifton, USA, 2014, 3mins

Told entirely through Edward Abbey quotes, and coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Wilderness in America, this short narrative animation explores the importance of wild places and the increasing threats they face.


The Art of Bicycling

Arshad Muhammad, USA, 2015, 3mins

Meet Chris McNally, a Bay Area visual artist who draws inspiration from bicycling. Winner - 1st Place (High School) - of the Green Film Fest 2015 Climate Action Film Contest.



Ben Howley, USA, 2016, 2mins

A film about asthma and our need to respect our environment. Winner - Best Film - of the 2016 Clear the Air Film Festival in partnership with Breathe CA.


Bright Spots

Jilli Rose, 2016, Australia, 8mins

Part nature documentary, part fairy tale, and with blindingly beautiful animation,Bright Spots calls to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. 80% of the world's extinctions have occurred on islands. In the 1990s, two surfer/biologists decided to do something about that. Today, their company Island Conservation employs dozens of people around the globe, removing feral animals from islands, preventing extinctions and making our world a little more hope-filled. Jilli Rose interviewed their chief scientist, Nick Holmes, under a tree at the IUCN World Parks Congress last year, and the resulting film is chock full of big-hearted science.


Camel Gastrolith

Chris Jordan, USA, 2016, 4mins

A mesmerizing view of the stomach contents of a dead camel, found in the desert near Dubai. The gastrolith is a shocking representation of our plastic culture.



Claude Cloutier, Canada, 2015, 5mins

A biting satire of our Big Oil-based civilization, Carface is a musical comedy of spectacular proportions. Acclaimed animator and illustrator Claude Cloutier (The Trenches, Sleeping Betty) pokes at our contemporary insouciance about the environmental perils that threaten the planet.


The Clock of the Long Now

Jimmy Goldblum, Adam Weber, 2015, USA, 3min

A portrait of Danny Hillis and his brilliant team of inventors, futurists, and engineers as they build The 10,000 Year Clock - a grand, Stone Henge-like monolith being constructed in a mountain in West Texas. The film, like the clock itself, celebrates the power of long-term thinking and mankind's insatiable thirst to solve life's biggest problems. Featuring Danny Hillis, Stewart Brand, and Alexander Rose.


Defendant 5

Heidi Lee Douglas, 2014, Australia, 30mins

Young filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas goes to Tasmania to make a documentary about the destruction of the island's ancient forests. As anti-logging protests escalate, logging giant Gunns Ltd. reacts to public pressure by suing Heidi and 19 others for $6.4 million for allegedly conspiring to destroy the company's business. When Heidi discovers Gunns wants to use her footage as evidence to support its claims, she faces a crisis of conscience. Heidi's response is to turn the camera on herself to document her personal struggle as she goes into battle against a corporation out of control.


Diversity and Inclusion in Our Wild Spaces

Jason Fitzpatrick, USA, 2015, 8mins

A campfire discussion on improving the diversity of both visitors and employees within our parks and wild spaces. A gathering of extraordinary people in Yosemite National Park from non-profit agencies, land management bureaus and those involved in the movement to encourage more people of color to explore outdoors. As the National Park Service turns 100 this year, this film brings to light the important issues facing today's conservation movement and outdoor recreation. 


Dredging Up Solutions

John Antonelli, USA, 2015, 6mins

Howard Wood, an amateur diver, restored the marine ecosystem in Lamlash Bay by establishing the first community-developed Marine Protected Area in Scotland. For this outstanding work, he won a 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize


Escape Velocity

James Tralie, USA, 2015, 4mins

2016 Young Filmmaker Award

A young boy struggles to find beauty in the world around him. From pollution, to landfills, to gray skies and alleyways covered in graffiti, the Earth is ugly in the eyes of this boy. He wants to escape from Earth and travel to the far reaches of the beautiful universe. He calculates the escape velocity to leave Earth and imagines a journey into the heavens.


Fight for Areng Valley

Kalyanee Mam, Cambodia, 2014, 8mins

In remote Southwest Cambodia, the indigenous Chong people of Areng Valley, with the help of saffron robed monks, fight to protect their spirit forests, livelihood and heritage from the looming construction of a hydroelectric dam. Harboring over 31 endangered species, including the Siamese crocodile, the Asian elephant, and bears, Areng Valley has been deemed a biodiversity hotspot by international conservation experts. Yet despite scientific reports deeming the dam both environmentally and economically disastrous, the Government of Cambodia is still considering to go ahead with this project.


Free the Snake: Restoring America's Greatest Salmon River

Carissa Ridgeway Tudor, USA, 2015, 7 mins

Snake River Salmon have been trucked, put on barges, diverted up fish ladders - all in the hope that enough would bypass the four dams standing in their way to reach their historic habitat, and ensure their future existence.. But it's not working. The time has come to breach the dams and reconnect wild salmon to this important watershed.


Garbology 101

John Bunyui Njabi, Cameroon, 2015, 2mins

Students of an Environmental Club in Buea, Cameroon, present the results of their compost experiment, urging the larger community to follow suit. Winner - 2015 Global Compost Project Film Contest.


I was a Fisherman

Al Tajik Khaveh, Fatemah Shafiel, Iran, 2015, 2mins

A man who catches and cooks fish for a living finds his business disrupted by marine pollution.


Ice is Melting

Sebastian Stojetz, Germany, 2015, 1min

Offbeat humor denounces global warming in this campaign film from Greenpeace. Winner - 1st Place (Campaign) - of the Green Film Fest 2015 Climate Action Film Contest.


Inside the Mind of Sachi Cunningham

Beth O'Rourke & Jeff den Broeder, USA, 2015, 6 mins

SF-based journalist Sachi Cunningham recounts harrowing winter missions with Big Wave World Tour Champion, Bianca Valenti, at San Francisco's feared, fabled and often ferocious Ocean Beach.


Jungle Stairs

Ken Fisher, Ann Carol Mitchell, 2015, USA, 2mins

A hard working community group bring the steps of San Francisco's 22nd street back to life. Bringing some green to the steps, neighbors come together to beautify and maintain their bit of the city.



Carolina Giannini Veirano, Brazil, 2015, 2mins

In this fun animation, Kidchup, the fastest tomato in the West, must defeat the evil garbage to save his beloved Rabaneide. Winner - 1st Place (General Public) - of the Green Film Fest 2015 Climate Action Film Contest.


La Botanique Des Amours

Anne-Sophie Cayon, 2014, Belgium, 4mins,  

Who says that plants don't have feelings? This short animation guides us through the sensual love lives and the sexuality of plants. Lascivious shots into the naked hearts of vegetables and fruits, paired with a erotic narration, makes you take a deep breath in this world of vegetal lust.


La Maestra

Paul Ferraris & Elizabeth Pepin Silva, USA, 2015, 30 mins

A profile of Mayra Aguilar, a young teacher in a tiny fishing village in Baja, Mexico, who decides to follow her own path by becoming the first Mexican woman in her area to surf, and in doing so, changes her community's expectations of what's appropriate for women.


Message in a Bottle

Danny Schmidt, USA, 2015, 15mins

Photographer James Balog, made famous by the film Chasing Ice, embarks on a new journey to understand climate change from the inside. His voyage of self-discovery takes him to Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii where he comes away with something far greater than a photo.


Moving The Giants

Michael Ramsey, USA, 2015, 11mins

In 1991, arborist David Milarch had a near-death experience that inspired a personal quest to reforest our planet. He would harvest the genetics of the world's oldest trees, initiate tree-planting efforts to combat climate change, and help restore the planet's health. Remarkably, he has been doing just that.Moving the Giants tells David's story, as he helps California coastal redwoods migrate northward to survive climate changes that threaten their current habitat. His is one path to promote "treequestration," a mass movement to use one of nature's most prolific methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the amount of future climate change.


Nature Rx

Justin Bogardus, USA, 2015, 1mins

2016 Green Film Fest Best Short Award

A hilarious and poignant satire about a current day issue affecting all humans, revealed in the perfect post-modern capsule - a prescription drug commercial. A funny and timely spoof, offering the faceless masses a way out of their soul-crushing modern existence and into the life they want to be living - connected, happy, and free.



Esteban Noyola, Marielle Boland, Cyrus Bautista, USA, 2014, 7mins

Pueblote focuses on the Urban Campesino program of PODER, based in San Francisco's Mission district, and their focus to introduce the community to an urban way of living that is healthy and environmentally friendly.


Reverence: The Monarch Project

Jean-Nicolas Orhon, USA, 2015, 13 mins

USA Premiere. From Mexico to Quebec, the survival of Monarch butterflies is under threat. To raise awareness of their plight, Canadian artists Spazuk-Delhaes create a majestic lepidopterous self-portrait through the ingenious use of carbon paper and these insects' delicate footprints.


Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

Patrick A. Riggs, USA, 2015, 4mins

A powerful solution to the climate crisis can be found right beneath our feet - in the soil. Michael Pollan's narration guides us through the immense power of photosynthesis and the conversion of atmospheric carbon, a problem, into soil carbon, a solution. Emerging science proves that shifting to regenerative forms of agriculture such as agroecology, agroforestry, cover-cropping, holistic grazing and permaculture will allow us to store excess carbon safely in the ground.


Tallurutiup Tariunga - Lancaster Sound

Christopher Paetkau, Trevor Gill, Canada, 2015, 4mins

Tallurutiup Tariunga, the Inuktitut name for Lancaster Sound, is one of the Arctic's richest marine habitats, an area of stunning beauty and deep cultural significance. Located at the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage, Lancaster Sound's abundance has sustained Inuit communities for centuries. The film is based on a poem written by Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, an artist who lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut.



Emily Fraser, Henry Weiner, USA, 2015, 20mins

Discover Oakland's gateway to the redwoods. A celebratory profile of a relatively unknown urban gem, Trailhead features a wildland trail system that connects the heart of urban Oakland to redwood forests and over five hundred miles of trails spanning the entire East Bay. Trail users, historians, creek restoration experts, local merchants, and park volunteers are among those interviewed during a typical park day that begins pre-dawn in Oakland's Dimond District, and concludes at sunset from a scenic, Joaquin Miller Park ridge overlooking downtown Oakland and San Francisco Bay. Since its premiere at the Chabot Space & Science Center in October 2015, Trailhead has screened to enthusiastic audiences at dozens of venues around the Bay Area.


Velo Visionaries - Chris Carlsson

Kristin Tieche, USA, 2015, 6mins

Velo Visionaries presents a series of interviews with great thinkers of today's global bicycle culture from the point of view of the person behind the handlebars. In episode one, we take a ride with Chris Carlsson, one of the original co-founders of San Francisco's Critical Mass. Chris also co-founded Shaping San Francisco and is the author of three books, Nowtopia, Vanished Waters: A History of San Francisco's Mission Bay, and After the Deluge.


Walk to School

Mitchell Rusitzky, USA, 2015, 3mins

Join a San Francisco middle school student on his walk to school. Winner - 1st Prize (K-8) - of the Green Film Fest 2015 Climate Action Film Contest.


Justin Clifton, USA, 2015, 6mins

Explore the life of Walt Shubin, a San Joaquin-area grape farmer who has been striving to bring back this once-mighty river for over six decades.



D'Arion Curry-Matthews, 2015, USA, 4mins

SF State University's John Hafernik discovered a new type of parasite that turns bees into ZOMBEES! How will this affect our bee population and how will this parasite affect humankind?