It's Sharktober: 5 Films to sink your teeth into

Jaws'Sharkoween' is approaching fast, with our screening of new doc Shark Girl on October 30. Can't wait until then? We've compiled a list of shark-themed films that we hope you can really sink your teeth into:




So classic, its theme song is as ubiquitous as the film itself. Spielberg's pulp fiction-turned-pop culture phenomenon made the top of our list for obvious reasons; It’s the movie that mobilized the Summer Blockbuster, making even the bravest ocean-enthusiasts water-wary. Decades later, this Great White is still preying on our imaginations.


Deep Blue Sea

A science experiment gone wrong turns predator into prey in this epic 1999 American sci-fi flick. What happens when these genetically modified super-sharks seek revenge? It all unfolds in the Deep Blue Sea.


Open Water

Two divers abandoned in shark-infested waters. This film gives new meaning to being ‘lost at sea’. A dismal scenario paints a harrowing portrait based on real-life events. This film doesn’t require the aid of super-sharks or big-budget special effects to raise the hair on your arms.


Finding Nemo

The only animated (perhaps only kid-friendly) film on our list, and it had to be Nemo. This film takes us on an underwater adventure alive with characters and conflict, but it was the shark threesome that stole the show. Bruce, Anchor and Chum are lovable monsters-in-reform, and they resist their primal thirst for blood by chanting “Fish are friends, not food”. We applaud their efforts to be better ocean citizens, however fraught the mission may be.



Cross Tara Reid with a shark-laden super tornado and you get a summer sci-fi cult following, demanding of not one, but two follow up sequels. This is more than just freak weather -- this storm bites. But our protagonists are fighting back -- with chainsaws and explosives. The result is a blood-bathed masterwork of campy-satire which finds success in its ability to capitalize on self-reflexive parody.


Join us for new documentary Shark Girl at our 'Sharkoween' event on October 30, 2014.

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By Jessica Wolfrom, writer by trade; environmentalist by evocation. Contributing writer, SFGFF Team.