Shark Girl

Conservationist, filmmaker, activist, delinquent – 20-year-old Madison Stewart has been called many things, but to her friends she’s simply 'shark girl'. There's no doubt that sharks have a bad reputation. But these beautiful creatures need our protection.


Gisela Kaufmann





Running Time

58 mins 

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SFGFF Film Program:

Shark GirlGrowing up on the Great Barrier Reef, Madison Steward soon realized the creature she loves most is disappearing fast. Every year up to 80,000 sharks are killed in this UNESCO World Heritage Site for cheap fish steaks and luxury shark fin soup. Turning passion into action, she sets out to stop the slaughter and shatter our perception of these alleged man-eaters. Shark Girl is a powerful wake-up call and a moving record of one determined young women to save the animal she loves, but most others fear.

Screening: October 30, 2014 at Ninth Street Independent Film Center. SF Premiere.

Discussion with: David McGuire, Founder & Executive Director, Shark Stewards.