From the directors of Winged Migration and Oceans, experience nature first-hand and see the impact of humans through the eyes of the animals.


Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud





Running Time

85 mins 



SFGFF Film Program: 

Special Preview - November 16, 2016

Snowy fields surround a herd of bison, huddled together for warmth, as the last flurries of winter shroud their heavy coats in a location far from civilization. The icicles are melting. A flock of birds gracefully returning to their homelands brings us to a heightened realization that a breath of new air has arrived for animals of all shapes and sizes across the vast continent of Europe: spring.

Bringing us the history of Europe's varied natural landscapes from the perspectives of the animals that inhabit them, veteran nature-documentarian duo Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud (Winged Migration) bring us their latest film, Seasons.

Using the natural pattern of seasonal changes to set the scene and appearances by human intruders to gauge the time period, magnificent shots of Europe are only the background to the main stars of the film and their stories of survival in a rapidly changing habitat.

Seasons seeks to put humans into the paws, claws, and hooves of animals and their stories of adjusting to the pursuits of mankind and the ever-present cycle of the seasons.  ~ Seattle International Film Festival


DISCUSSION WITHJean-Gaël Collomb, Executive Director of Wildlife Conservation Network.