Our screening committee - meet Seth

In our latest blog posts we've been taking a peek behind the curtain and meeting some of the faces behind Green Film Fest.

Today it's the turn of Seth Lalonde who is part of one of the most important group of people who make the Festival possible - our Screening Committee. 

Between them, the Committee watches every film submission we receive. This year the team watched more than 500 films! Without volunteers like Seth (pictured below), we simply couldn't do what we do. Here's his insight:

SETH_IMAGE-_cropped.jpgWhy did you decide to join the Committee?

When I moved to San Francisco in 2013, I was very excited to meet Rachel on Earth Day and find out about ways to participate in the festival like the Screening Committee. Since I work as an environmental scientist and am also an avid film buff, I thought it would be a great opportunity to combine these interests with critical film analysis. Ultimately I think the main reason I wanted to join the Committee was to be involved in the process of selecting and showcasing films that inspire and motivate positive change for the environment.

Roughly how many films have you watched? Was it tough to find the time?

Around 70 since joining the Committee in 2014. Surprisingly I have not found it difficult to find time to review films.  I try to find focussed time to watch feature films mostly on weeknights and weekends.  I also try to be strategic and watch some
shorter films while cooking dinner or washing dishes.   We also review the films in January and February which is  a less busy time of year for me personally.

Can you give a hint to what your favorite film has been so far?

This year I especially enjoyed a thought-provoking and moving film, by a first-time filmmaker. I can't say too much more until the program is released.


What are you most looking forward to about this year's Green Film Fest? 

I have enjoyed watching the film festival evolve and grow from the previous year in terms of audience, partners, and venues.  This year I am excited about the festival program themes including wildlife conservation and celebrating the centennial anniversary of National Parks Service.   The Opening and Closing nights are always big highlights, and I am looking forward to viewing these exciting bookends of the festival.

Serving on the Committee is a rewarding experience which I highly recommend to others interested in green films.  I am proud to be a part of such a fun and creative team.


Find out more about this year's Festival, coming April 14 - 20.

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