What is San Francisco Green Film Festival?

Launched in 2011, the San Francisco Green Film Festival is the West Coast's leading event for films & discussions about people and the planet. SF Green Film Festival is dedicated to screening compelling environmental films; connecting audiences to filmmakers and experts; and sparking green ideas & actions. Our signature program is the annual Green Film Fest and we also screen films and support filmmakers throughout the year.


What is Green Film Fest?

Green Film Fest is our annual flagship program, a weeklong film festival that brings together international environmental films, filmmakers, and audiences to venues across the city.


What happened at the most recent Green Film Fest?

At Green Film Fest 2018, September 6-13, we screened 64 environmental films to 4,800 attendees as an official Affiliate Event of the Global Climate Action Summit. There were over 100 filmmakers and special guests joining us for a week of film screenings and workshops about the most pressing environmental challenges. Our Wrap Report provides more highlights and reactions.


What is the history of SFGFF?

The seed for SFGFF was planted by founder Rachel Caplan, who has over 20 years of experience working in film exhibition, including film festivals in the USA and Europe.

Rachel is passionate about film as the catalyst for environmental ideas and action. In 2010, she created the Green Film Fest to fill this need for sharing bold environmental stories in the city that's at the forefront of both independent film and the global green movement.

Almost 600 film screenings later, we’ve honed the power of that “a-ha!” moment – when the credits roll, the lights come up, and the audience member feels moved and motivated for what comes next. Working with filmmakers, environmental experts, and campaigners, we are creating programs that bring us together to spark ideas for a better world.


When is the next Green Film Fest?

Green Film Fest 2019 is coming September 24-29, 2019. 


Where does Green Film Fest take place?

Venues across San Francisco, including Castro Theatre, Roxie, Eric Quezada Center for Culture & Politics, Manny's Exploratorium, and Swissnex.

Venue and transit information


Who Comes?

The festival audience is a diverse array of people from across the San Francisco Bay Area, all with a passion for film, arts, and environment.

Guests include international filmmakers, artists, and environmental leaders. Over 800 guests have attended since 2011, including Louie Psihoyos, Annie Leonard, Jonathan Franzen, Virginia McKenna, Fredrik Gertten, Shalini Kantayaa, Tim deChristopher, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Margaret Atwood, and The Yes Men.


When do tickets for Green Film Fest go on sale?

The full program will be announced and tickets go on sale on August 29, 2019.


How many films will be shown at Green Film Fest?

Over 60 films, including features and shorts from around the world. 


Is there a theme for Green Film Fest?

Every year we spotlight an environmental issue or idea throughout the festival.

The 2019 Festival these is Homeencompassing a broad range of critical issues including affordable housing, migration, sustainable cities, habitat loss, and more.

“Home” means something different to everyone, and at this year’s festival we will be delving into the global conversation within this personal framework. Throughout the Festival we will ask, “What does home mean to you, and how can we work together to protect it?”.


What are the Big Nights?

The 2019 Green Film Fest will open on Tuesday, September 24 at the Castro Theatre and close on Sunday, September 29 at Roxie. Stay tuned for the film premiere & guest announcements.


What is going on besides films screenings?

We pair film screenings with filmmaker discussions or panels with environmental leaders. Working with our non-profit community partners, we connect issues in the films with what’s happening here in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the festival you’ll also find eco arts, filmmaker panels & workshops, parties & receptions.   


Do you have press releases for Green Film Fest?

You can find our press releases here.

Sign up for our press list to receive our future press releases or invitations to our Festival Press Conference. We’ll only send you press information.


How do I get a press kit or press tickets?

Contact our publicists Larsen Associates for all film and guest information. Karen Larsen and Will Zang at 415.957.1205 or [email protected].


What other programs does SFGFF support?

Community Screenings: We curate the ongoing Green Stacks free program series at San Francisco Public Library - Main Branch, check our schedule for latest information.

Filmmaker Development Program: We support filmmakers to increase the impact of their stories, through our awards program including juried awards bestowed by the San Francisco Film Critics Circle. In 2018 we launched the Reel Science Challenge, which paired filmmakers with climate scientists and tasked them with producing a series of short films during an immersive filmmaking lab.

Green Connect: We use the power of film to inspire people to take action for environmental change. The program involves talks and sessions on the issues; directing people to our Take Action! resources; and giving people a chance to share their green pledge on video with Green Speak Out.

Youth Program: We give young people access to green films & filmmaking, with dedicated schools screenings and complimentary tickets to Green Film Fest for all youth & students. Our Youth Filmmaker Award and Workshops give them an opportunity to pick up a camera and share their environmental stories.


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