Do you want to live in a post-truth world?

I don’t believe in a post-truth world. I don't want to live there, and I know you don't either.

I'm more motivated than ever to share factual, inspiring environmental films. Stories that show the impact of the oil industry; or the dedication of environmental campaigners; or new ways of taking control and living sustainably.

With your support we pledge to champion bold, independent filmmaking in the coming year.

I’ve been shocked at how little coverage climate change is getting in our mainstream media. It makes bringing the latest environmental documentaries to San Francisco even more important.

Your donation will go directly to bringing those filmmakers to Green Film Fest 2017.

Filmmakers are bringing us compelling stories from the frontline of the environmental movement. And with your gift we can bring their experience and ideas to even more people.

Right now, it's vital to come together and share fact-based, inspiring media. You can make it happen!