Plastic Paradise at SF Public Library

At the 2013 Green Film Festival, our youth program was a co-presentation. with the Wallace Stegner Environmental Center and the Green Stacks program of the SF Public Library. 

Students were invited to a free film screening and discussion about  about the threats of plastic pollution to animals and humans and the importance of protecting our oceans.

Three films were screened - Scars of FreedomCoastgardsPlastic Paradise - followed by a talk with ocean experts.

In Plastic Paradise filmmaker Angela Sun to Midway Atoll travelled to a remote island in the pacific, seeking to uncover the mystery behind the island of garbage that everyone has heard of but no one truly understands. What she discovers is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island littered with plastics, causing great harm not only to our beaches, oceans and sea life, but to ourselves, Midway sees 20 tons of plastic trash wash ashore each year and as we watch her sift through ordinary household items among the debris - reusable coffee mugs, flip flops, lighters, and even a computer monitor.

The audience left with a better understanding of how our obsession with plastic began, where it all went wrong and how we can fix it.