San Francisco Green Film Festival proudly presented the SF Premiere of Monsoon at the 5th Bay Area Science Festival. After the screening, there was a discussion on our global rains, including monsoons, the California drought and impending El Niño.


Sturla Gunnarsson





Running Time

108 mins 

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SFGFF Film Program:

November 3, 2015

8_01355618_WaterFight.jpgSF Premiere. Filmed over the course of India's 2013 monsoon season, the filmmakers chased the monsoon on its annual journey from the southern state of Kerala, where it first makes landfall, to India's north-eastern state of Meghalaya ('Place of the Clouds'), where the clouds go to die. Along the way, they meet a remarkable group of individuals whose lives are in different ways entwined with the phenomenon that some call "the soul of India".

A cinematic journey into the terrain where nature, science, belief and wonder converge in one of the most astonishing and breathtaking landscapes on earth, Monsoon is a film that captures the timelessness and rich human drama of our engagement with the natural world.

Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival 2014
People's Choice Award Winner, Canada's Top Ten Film Festival 2014

Q&A: Implications of Extreme Weather 

In Monsoon you will see first-hand the challenges of extreme weather - balancing the need for rain for drinking water & agriculture at the same time as the losses from the immense flooding that it brings. Right now, in California we see the direct impact of the opposite problem: drought. And at the same time the promise and challenges of the impending El Nino.

To discuss the implications of these global rains - and lack of them - we'll be joined by Alice Towey, Associate Engineer, East Bay Municipal Utility District.