This week we introduce another awesome team volunteer, Joanina Novinda.

She tells us why she joined and what she loves about SFGFF. 


What is your environmental and/or film passion?

I came to San Francisco to pursue my Master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship, which has been my passion since I was a kid. By learning more about this field, I am becoming more and more convinced that humans are really the main reason why the Earth, and all living things, face the danger of vanishing.

I remember watching Al Gore’s movie “The Inconvenient Truth” years ago and one thing came to my mind: these truths are so disturbing, but a movie is a perfect way to show and teach other people about specific issues. This is what I love about films.

Why did you want to join the SFGFF team?

SFGFF helps communities and filmmakers reach an understanding about the environment through the interests and lessons behind the films itself. I wanted to be part of a team to spread those messages and create positive impact towards the communities and environment.

What is your role in the team?

I am a Community Outreach Coordinator, which makes me a contact person for the partners of SFGFF. This helps me get to know more about many of the social enterprises within the Bay Area.

What are you most excited about for Green Film Fest 2017?

I am really enthusiastic to see all the creative works from all the filmmakers. I am also excited to witness the engagement between people and build a network with art and environmental communities.