Meet the Team: Starr

Meet our next volunteer Starr, a horticulturist and permaculturist, who takes film classes at the City College of San Francisco where she hopes to promote permaculture as well as environmental issues.


What is your environmental and/or film passion?


My family owns an island in the great lake of Nicaragua, of which I have been actively involved in permaculture and horticulture there as well as making sure the tribal children are in school that are directly linked to my family.  Being in the "rainforest," I am acutely aware of what pesticides, global warming, bad farming practices are doing to the earth and want to do my best to teach people permaculture methods, help change negative beliefs in such a way that it benefits both mother earth and us.  Also, I am in the script writing stage on a film on urban permaculture as well as the blackwater crisis not only in the bay area, but also globally.

Photo Courtesy of Starr Wilson


Why did you want to join the SFGFF team? 

I wanted to join the SFGFF team because their goal is outreach to the public through film alerting people to environmental problems as well as teaching plus the staff is very passionate about environmental issues.


SFGFF_Blog_Starr_pic.jpgWhat is your role on the team?

My role is to look for, find and get money for events.  A great learning experience in learning  show to hunt for "free money" so that when I do fundraising for my films, I will have some   contacts!  Yes!


What are you most excited about for the fifth SFGFF? 

I am excited about the fact that the fifth festival is global and will reach a global audience.  We  need to get people back to nature's ways in a safe way that nourishes the earth.  The more information we get out there and are seen by the public, the bigger the chance that change will happen.