Meet the Team: Nelson

Meet our next team member Nelson, an indie film buff who came to San Francisco State to study Marketing from Buffalo, New York. 


Terra Blight

What is your environmental and/or film passion?

My environmental passion/focus is e-waste or electronic waste. The issue with electronic waste that truly breaks my heart is where the waste is usually dumped and who has to manually "recycle" them; which are usually families in poverty in India and Nepal who are constantly at risks of diseases because of it.

Why did you want to join the SFGFF team? 

I wanted to join SFGFF because it combines films and environmental issues. The two things that I am both passionate and motivated to learn about.

Terra Blight (2012)

Nelson Borges


What is your role on the team?

My role in the SFGFF team is an intern to help spread the word about this year's film festival, coordinate and volunteer my time to make it a grand success. 

What are you most excited about for the fifth SFGFF? 

I am most excited to actually view the films this year, specifically documentaries. I'm sure they will be great!