Meet the Team: Jeanette

The San Francisco Green Film Festival is entirely run by volunteers. They work tirelessly and year round to produce a week long festival that combines a passion towards the environment along with one for film in order to educate and inspire.


Here is a behind the scenes look at the various types of volunteers we have working here and what drew them to joining the festival team. Coming from unique backgrounds and different personal interests they are all brought together with one simple commonality: spreading environmental awareness. 

Starting the series is Jeanette, a Junior at the University of California, Berkeley who is working on communications and special projects within the festival. 


What is your environmental and/or film passion?


My environmental passion is water conservation and issues surrounding water pollution. One of my favorite films is Moulin Rouge, it doesn’t relate to water issues but I’m passionate about it and just love all the drama, extravagance, and singing.

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Why did you want to join SFGFF team?

I wanted to join the SFGFF team because I love spreading education and awareness when it comes to environmental issues. I also can’t get enough of film and documentaries; I can spend hours on end going through and streaming documentary after documentary on Netflix. 


What is your role in the team?

I am a volunteer working on the marketing and communications for the festival. That involves working on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook as well as blog posts like this. 


What are you most excited about for the 5th SF Green Film Festival?

I am most excited for the different films, obviously! I am also particularly interested in the expert panels that will be at the festival.