Meet the team: Axelle

In this latest 'Meet the Team" we hear from Axelle Barrot-Gigon.

Originally from France, Axelle is in San Francisco for the first time and is quickly becoming a crucial part of the SF Green Film Festival team.



IMG_3191.JPGWhat is your environmental and/or film passion?

I love films that make you question what's around you, the films that create doubt and make you feel unsure about what truth is. My favorite films are for example Inception, Fight Club or Shutter Island.

And a lot of environmental films also create this kind of feeling where you just ask yourself: Why was I not aware of this before? Why nobody talks about this? I also love food and therefore I feel really concerned about food waste, it makes me sick to think about all the food we throw and could be given to people who need it.

Why did you want to join the SFGFF team?

I've already worked in several film festivals and I love that for sure but I've never been part of a green one and I really wanted to learn more about all the environmental issues that surround us.

I just began a few weeks ago but I already feel that seeing all these films has a big impact on my perception of life and on my everyday life habits, I'm more aware of certain realities. Being part of the team is for me a way to take action for a more sustainable future and I want to make my family and friends realize the emergency of doing the same.


What is your role on the team ?

My role is to help the team through all the process of the festival: to choose the films we will screen, be in contact with the filmmakers to make sure everything is going fine, with the hotels to book everything for our special guests.

I'm also an education coordinator so I try to reach out to young people in the Bay Area and invite them to some films during the festival or organize screenings in their schools.

What are you most excited about for the fifth SFGFF ?

I'm excited to see the result of all our work, it's really rewarding to see the public enjoy something you organized and I'm sure people will love it once more this year!

Moreover I can't wait to meet all the filmmakers, the activists and the public because it's always during debates and discussions that we learn the most from each other.