How To Make A One Minute Movie & Change The World

You want to dive into something creative to make a difference to the world. 

But where to start?

It's easier than you think.

Grab a camera and follow our simple steps to inspire more people to change the world with your 1 minute film. And enter our Climate Action Film Contest!

1) Find your climate action passion.

You probably already have a climate action story. 

That time you cycled to work and beat your colleague who was driving in. The vegetable you grew so large it fed you for a week. The dream you have to paint the city in solar panels.

Pick something that will support our city's goals to send ZERO waste to the landfill, take 50 percent of our trips by public transit, bike, walk or rideshare, and use 100 percent renewable energy to keep us on track to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Think of one idea and run with it.

2) Pick a camera.

It doesn't need to be fancy.

Whether it is your iPhone, a GoPro or your Digital SLR. They can all work to tell your story.

3) Get some inspiration.

Take a look at the winning entries to last year's Climate Action Film Contest and see how you can tell big stories in a small amount of time.

For teens 13-18 - check out The Mix at SFPL to find free drop-in video production times where you can work on your entry, and other great programs, including music production and 3D printing!

4) Rally your friends to help you film.

This can easily be a one person affair. But it's more fun with a crowd and helps spread the climate action word.

5) Edit your footage.

It can be as simple as a Vine or iMovie or a full on editing desk.

They'll all allow you to pick your favorite angles and get your scenes in order for the final piece.

6) Enter our Climate Action Film Contest

You have your final footage. This is your chance to get the world to share your vision. 

Upload your video to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, tagged #climateactionfilm and fill out the online Entry Form, before November 6.

Enter the contest and you could also win cash prizes and a chance to have your film screened at the 2016 San Francisco Green Film Festival.