Green Spotlight: Green Film Fest Alums

As we close another Green Film Fest, we reflect on all the connections we have made in the past week of screenings and events.

While the festival itself has grown and evolved over the six years since it first started, one of the biggest rewards has been seeing the growth and change from some of our returning filmmakers over the years.

Mark Decena

Not Without Us filmmaker Mark Decena at the U.N. Paris climate talks (Photo: Sara Cortese)

Jon Bowermaster has been with us from the beginning, when the first festival screened his film SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories in 2011. In 2013 he brought us Dear Governor Cuomo, launching his "Dear" series, culminating in this year's screening of Dear President Obama, which calls on our government to join the "anti-fracking" majority and end our dependence on yet another dirty fossil fuel. 

Patrick Shen won our Audience Award in 2013 with his film La Source and we were thrilled to revisit his work this year with a screening of In Pursuit of Silence, which explores our relationship with silence, sound, and the impact of noise in our lives.

We are also proud to feature the work of San Francisco's own Mark Decena, who was first featured in the 2013 Green Film Fest with his film Watershed, then again in 2014 with Our Power: Black Mesa Arizona, and for a third time last year with How We Live. Mark's latest film, Not Without Us, follows seven grassroots activists to U.N. climate talks in Paris and asks what kind of climate deal has been adopted. 

We are very excited to have Not Without Us close out the festival this year at the Castro Theatre. Here is what Mark has to say about his involvement with the Green Film Fest:

"What can I say, but that I love the SF Green. I still consider myself a narrative filmmaker, but I feel there's a moral imperative to address the greatest issue of our time.

It compels me to tell stories that can help us turn the big ship before it hits the iceberg (even though icebergs are melting at an ever increasing rate). Joke. Actually not a joke'

I’m also proud that Green Film Fest screens films not just about the environmental concerns, but about the social justice issues that are inextricably linked to the economic system that is driving climate change. Not Without Us will be our fourth film in the Festival, and we are very proud to have our world premiere right here in San Francisco.

Rachel Caplan was a big motivator to help us get this film out there in record time. A timely message about the recent United Nations Climate Talks that needs to be be heard. If you think global leaders have our backs, you need to see this film. Green Film Fest thinks so too."

~ Ambika Jain, Green Film Fest Board Member

Get your tickets for Not Without Us, April 20, 9:15pm Castro Theatre.