Green Spotlight: Women Filmmakers

This year's Green Film Fest program stands in contrast to the film industry as a whole, of which women represent a very small margin of above-the-line roles.  

Not only is the Festival headed up by a majority female staff and Board, the program of films we are showing this year features 21 works by female filmmakers. 

Female Filmmakers Rule At Green Film Fest We have always prided ourselves on championing the work of women. It is a belief of ours that inclusion brings the richest stories to the forefront.

We are thrilled to be showing these films that have women behind and in front of the camera at the 2016 Green Film Fest.


Feature films that we are excited to be showing that are directed by women include these three directorial feature debuts:

Sunú by Teresa Camou Guerrero which is an exploration of the importance of maize farming in Mexico, where big business is now threatening traditional maize producers. 

Holly Morris and Anne Bogart's film The Babushkas of Chernobyl tells the story of a defiant community of women who have created an existence for themselves in their ancestral homeland, despite it being a radioactive "Exclusion Zone".

An Acquired Taste by Vanessa Lemaire delves into the world of locavore hunters in the Bay Area, defying factory farms to take control over their own source of sustenance. 


We are also happy to be showing a number of female-created short films that inspire:

In Kalyanee Mam's Fight for Areng Valley, the filmmaker sheds light on the work of indigenous communities in southwestern Cambodia, fighting the construction of a hydroelectric dam in an effort to protect their land and heritage.

Jilli Rose's beautiful animation Bright Spots transcends genres, bridging documentary and fantasy, in a call to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands.

Into the Sea by Marion Poizeau is a part of our Surf Shorts program, and tells the story of three tenacious women who are bringing surfing to women in Iran.


Join us at the 2016 Green Film Fest, April 14 - 20 at venues across the Bay Area. 


~ Ambika Jain, San Francisco Green Film Festival Board.

Photo left to right top: Teresa Camou Guerrero; Holly Morris and Anne Bogart; Vanessa Lemaire.
Photo left to right bottom: Kalyanee Mam, Jilli Rose, Marion Poizeau.