Go Wild For Life

This year’s World Environment Day – Go Wild for Life – celebrates all species under threat from illegal wildlife products. 

Wildlife crime is endangering iconic elephants, rhinos and sea turtles. Lesser-known victims include helmeted hornbills, wild orchids and timbers like Rosewood.

At the 2016 Green Film Fest earlier this year we decided to spotlight films that Keep It Wild, with a series of films that inspire us to preserve our wilderness.

In I Am Chut Wutty, you see how the growing timber trade in Cambodia is putting lives at risk as well as the communities livelihood and habitat. 

Other films, such as the Hollywood classic Born Free or the new documentary Jumbo Wild, showed us the interventions we need to make to keep wildlife wild and stop mass extinction.

This World Environment Day take a look back at our Festival films and find out more about the wildlife facing extinction and what you can do to make a difference. 

Keep It Wild


Born Free

James Hill, UK/USA, 1966

Elsa the Lioness has captured hearts around the globe & inspired star Virginia McKenna’s Born Free Foundation, dedicated to protecting these majestic animals.





I Am Chut Wutty

Fran Lambrick, Vanessa de Smet, UK, 2015

Each day, environmental activists put their life on the line. Chut Wutty was one, in his fight to protect Cambodia's Prey Lang Forest from the illegal timber trade.




Jumbo Wild

Nick Waggoner, USA, 2015

The Jumbo Valley, in the wilds of British Columbia, is revered for its spiritual significance and beauty. What will it take to keep Jumbo wild for good?





Sonic Sea

Michelle Dougherty, Daniel Hinerfeld, USA, 2015

Oceans are a sonic symphony. A call to protect life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution.






Wild VR: A new reality for environmental storytelling

Get up close to wildlife with immersive Virtual Reality. You’ll be at the center of a herd of bison; foraging alongside a grizzly; and diving among whale sharks. 





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