First Cut: Pelican Dreams

Bay Area documentary filmmaker Judy Irving showed excerpts from her work-in-progress film Pelican Dreams about the most enigmatic of our local birds, the Brown Pelican. 


Judy Irving





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SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - September 12, 2012

Judy directed The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill but her love for Brown Pelicans goes even further back: 

“Because pelicans have an ancient magic about them, and because their near-extinction and recovery parallel our human relationship to the environment, I've been wanting to make a film about them for years, but I needed a good story! One August afternoon, a confused young pelican landed on the roadway of the Golden Gate Bridge, causing a spectacular traffic jam and providing the beginning of a perfect narrative arc for this film.”

Learn about and participate in the creative process of filmmaking! Join us for this unique work-in-progress event, see short clips and extracts from the upcoming film, and discuss the process of creating a narrative arc in a documentary.


   DISCUSSION WITH: Judy Irving, director, Pelican Dreams