First 100 Days: Racing Extinction

Part seven of our film-lover’s guide to taking environmental action in the first 100 days of the new White House administration. This week's suggestion: Racing Extinction.


A cinematic mash-up of international crime thriller and documentary, Racing Extinction features an environmental espionage ring racing against time to expose harm to endangered species.

Danger lurks at every turn, but the committed eco warriors feel compelled to act - before the next mass extinction resulting in the loss of half of the world’s species is complete.

Why is this relevant?

Every day species around the world are losing ground and becoming extinct.

This film is a call to action to preserve life as we know it.

Watching Racing Extinction is a compelling way to celebrate World Wildlife Day, March 3.

How to watch the film?

Racing Extinction can be purchased through a variety of outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Pricing varies, but starts at around $12.99.

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