First 100 Days: Dear President Obama

Part four of our film-lover’s guide to taking environmental action in the first 100 days of the new White House administration. This week's film suggestion: Dear President Obama.


Mark Ruffalo produces and narrates this direct appeal to the President (any President) to join the "anti-fracking" majority.

Across the US people are seeing firsthand the impact of reliance on yet another dirty energy process, including pollution and contamination here in California.

Hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas is hardly the path to energy independence that many promote.

Why is this relevant?

The Trump administration has pledged to increase the production of domestic energy, including natural gas and oil obtained by fracking.

Dear President Obama is a clear and alarming reminder of the havoc that hydraulic fracturing can wreak.

How to watch the film?

Dear President Obama is available online.

There is a small rental fee, starting at $4.99.

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