First 100 Days: Big Boys Gone Bananas & BANANAS!*

Part eight of our film-lover’s guide to taking environmental action in the first 100 days of the new White House administration. This week we suggest two companion movies: Big Boys Gone Bananas and BANANAS!*.



BANANAS!* is a gritty courtroom drama by acclaimed Swedish journalist and documentarian Fredrik Gertten.

Twelve Nicaraguan plantation workers are pitted against US corporate giant, Dole Food Corporation, accusing Dole of using a deadly banned pesticide which, they claim, has caused generations of workers to become sterile.

But the Big Food roguery doesn’t end there.

Threatened by the documentary BANANAS!*, Dole throws its weight around, trying to stop the film’s premiere at a major film festival in Los Angeles, as well as working to harm Director Gertten’s reputation and freedom of speech.

Big Boys Gone Bananas chronicles the fallout.

Why is this relevant?

First amendment rights seem to be under more fire than usual these days.

Big Boys Gone Bananas is a cautionary tale about censorship and the need to keep vigilant when freedom of speech erodes.

How to watch the film

Rent or purchase BANANAS!* on Vimeo, starting at $3.99.

Purchase HD version of Big Boys Gone Bananas, $4.99.

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