How do you decide which movies to accept? The Filmmakers.

We've been getting to the heart of this tough question: out of the hundreds of films submitted, how do we decide on the 70 films that we show at Green Film Fest?

It certainly seems to be getting harder every year. In part one of this series we took you step-by-step through the process; and then in part two we looked at the stories that catch our eye.

At the same time as looking at the stories on the screen, we're also interested in who is behind the camera.

Who is behind the camera?

Put simply. We're open to all filmmakers.

Everyone's welcome. From both emerging and advanced filmmakers; as well as Bay Area and International filmmakers; or first-time or youth filmmakers.  

We want to see and show films from all of these perspectives.

This is all on our mind when we're screening the film entries. Our openness to curate diverse filmmakers, as well as diverse stories, is what leads to a lively week of stand-out programs.

Not the usual suspects

There are a couple of things we do to encourage a wider range of people to submit their films. 

For students, we have discounted rates for submitting films. And if you're under 18 you can enter for free!

This year our Climate Action Film Contest, for films under 3 mins, is also free. We want to encourage everyone, however much experience they might have, to pick up a camera and tell their climate story.

We're of course wanting to shine a light on filmmakers on our home turf.

This year we announced a new cash prize for San Francisco Bay Area filmmakers. Our Green Fire Award was set up to honor our local talent.

We also pay particular consideration to female filmmakers as their work is often under-represented in the film industry.

What difference does all that make?

This meant that at Green Film Fest 2016 we were able to bring 24 Bay Area films, 11 world premieres, 18 international films, 9 youth films and 24 women directors together.

All in one week.

We do our best to create an open process that brings the best new environmental films from around the world to San Francisco.

Tough Decisions

There are always more quality films than we can fit in the Festival. There are always some tough decisions.

But most of all, we can't wait to see your film...



Green Film Fest 2017: Entries Now Open

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