The Film That Started It All: Celebrating 10th Anniversary of 'The Age of Stupid'

Proof that film has the power to ignite change and galvanize action. 

Today, The Age of Stupid celebrates its 10th Anniversary with the release of a new short film What If, starring Caroline Lucas, Ed Miliband, Jack Harries, Jon Snow, Hugh Warwick, Chris Packham, Jonathan Pie, and the former President of the Maldives. 

The Age of Stupid stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In The Name of the Father, The Usual Suspects, Brassed Off) as a man living in the devastated future world of 2055, looking back at old footage from our time and asking: why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance? 

In What If, the characters all play versions of themselves in a parallel universe where the inhabitants of a planet uncannily like Earth are doing everything necessary to stop climate breakdown. 

In 2010, GFF founder/CEO Rachel Caplan attended a screening of the film where the energy imbued in community and discussion really resonated, especially, "the way she [Writer/Director Franny Armstrong] was using film was as a tool to inspire change, to give people an opportunity to share and discuss, and then get involved and do something that made a difference." 

Caplan immediately recognized the need for more of our communities to be brought together to share urgent environmental stories in the city that's at the forefront of both independent film and the global green movement. 

And so, the international San Francisco Green Film Festival was conceived. 

"These films didn't have a natural platform in San Francisco, a festival which would try to present the films in a slightly different way. So at this time I got this spark of an idea, a need for this space for a green film festival, for an engaging, forward-thinking, proactive festival that can highlight this relationship between people and the planet, and present well-crafted films which can be used as tools for engaging people in environmental causes." - Rachel Caplan 

The Festival became San Francisco's only ongoing environmental arts program, and the West Coast's leading event for films that spark green ideas and actions. 

As we approach our own 10th Anniversary in 2020, we would like to honor the creators of such a powerfully influential film and thank everyone who makes the Green Film Festival possible. Together, we can build a greener future.