Sneak Peak: Be the first to see our stunning new Festival design


Here it is. The new look for our 5th San Francisco Green Film Festival, May 28 - June 3.

This stunning new artwork is from creative director, Eun Choi. Her brief was to find something meaningful and bold to celebrate our 5th year.

She certainly did that and we wanted to share with you her inspiration for the artwork.

"Now heading into its fifth year, I wanted to find a single powerful imagery that would elevate SFGFF's brand presence to a new, unique, higher level. As I was looking through numerous photos and stills from the previous festival films/events, I happened to come across this black and white still that was originally created for the group 99 Injections' music video, OIL.

It caught my eye for its striking and provocative beauty that stood out from the rest.

I strongly felt it would not only trigger the conversation/inspiration among the existing audience but also incite curiosity for a new audience for the event. It was a perfect imagery to be used especially for the postcard announcing year 2015’s film festival, given its descriptive quality within itself – a storytelling of human and planet that urgently needs people’s attention in a larger scale.

By subtly ‘sprinkling’ colorful graphic elements from the SFGFF logo mark in the background against the black and white imagery, I created a look and feel that is dramatic yet aesthetically harmonious."

- Eun Choi, Creative Director,

You'll be seeing these 'Save the Date' postcards around town.

Pick one up, send one to a friend and we'll see you at the Festival if not before!