Feeling green in 2016

Here at the Green Film Fest offices we’re forever trying to find small ways to be greener. After the excess of the holidays, the new year feels like a perfect time to make a few changes so we've challenged ourselves to stick to a new green habit for the next 12 months. 


These are our 2016 green resolutions. Check in at the end of this month to find out how we're getting on!


Rachel Caplan, founder and CEO

“My green resolution is not to waste food, astounded by the fact that 50% of the food we produce never even reaches the table. For me, this means planning meals each week, using up all leftovers, and learning to love the freezer. No more bendy carrots going straight into the compost bin!

“My inspiration is the film Just Eat It - which we're showing at the library on January 13.

Gemma Bradshaw, COO - Strategy and Operations

“My green resolution is to buy less stuff. That means I'm going to dig through my closet for exciting new outfits; to borrow from friends; and to buy second hand if I absolutely need to.

“I’ve been inspired by some of the films we’ve shown in previous years, including TerraBlight and Trashed.


Debbie Chisholm, communications co-ordinator

“My green resolution is to have at least one meat-free day a week, inspired by An Omnivorous Family's Dilemma, which screened at last year's festival.

“Meat is a key part of meals in our house, but raising animals for food puts a huge strain on our environment so I'm keen to see if I can find a better balance. Time to dig out some veggie recipes!”


Diya Guha, programming assistant

"My green resolution would be to be more consistent with recycling and reducing waste. Focus more on salvageable items for donation instead of throwing them in trash. I'm inspired by the film Landfill Harmonic."