The truth is easier to sell than a lie

Dr. Stanton Glantz was surprisingly optimistic at our First 100 Days Screening of Merchants of Doubt, assuring us the truth was easier to sell than a lie - whether you're talking about tobacco or even climate change.

Merchants of Doubt

Merchants of Doubt lifts the curtain on a secretive group of highly charismatic, silver- tongued pundits-for-hire. They present themselves in the media as scientific authorities – yet have the contrary aim of spreading maximum confusion.

A month into the new White House administration, in a world where post-truth rules the airwaves, Robert Kenner's documentary seemed more relevant than ever.

Dr. Glatnz, the Truth Initiative Distinguished Professor of Tobacco Control at UCSF, features in the documentary and joined Rose Aguilar, host of 'Your Call' on KALW for the film and discussion at the Roxie screening. 

Both of them felt a growing frustration with the need for the media to provide "balance" by sharing opposing views for every news story, which was a clear tactic of the deniers in the documentary.

But they re-assured the audience that there is something we can do about it. 

Rose urged people "to write to outlets that you want more and you don't want manufactured conversations... and to support independent news outlets"

Thoughts echoed by Dr. Stanton Glantz: "When you get shallow coverage then you should complain to their editors and accuse them of violating the public trust."

He said: "Hammering on the truths and mobilizing - maybe we can get things back together."

First 100 Days: Green Film Guide

This screening was part of our film-lover's guide to taking environmental action in the first 100 days of the new White House administration.

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