Exclusive: Festival Theme Announced


For the 2015 San Francisco Green Film Festival we're excited to announce the theme will be Changing Cities.

Our cities are growing fast. At their best, cities are hubs for innovation, commerce, culture and environmental sustainability. 

54 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. And there are now 28 mega-cities worldwide, home to 453 million people or about 12 percent of the world’s urban dwellers.

Here in San Francisco we see the city is going through a growth spurt.

The Festival will bring inspiration from films that explore ideas for building healthy, livable, and just urban communities.

10462956_726421854081886_177131408277716372_n.jpgFrom Sao Paulo to San Francisco, and from across China to India, the films in the Festival will give us a unique opportunity to see how people around the world are standing up for sustainable cities.

Slums: Cities of Tomorrow (pictured right) is just one of the numerous films we'll be bringing to the Festival to challenge our vision of a sustainable city.

Whether their experience of change has been good or bad, the films and discussions will certainly spark ideas and conversation about the future cities we want to be living in.

We want green ideas for transit, housing, parks and quality of life, to come together for audiences so we can all find innovative ways to get involved and create a better, more livable city for everyone.

We will kick this theme off with a highly-anticipated Opening Night film. Details will be officially announced April 28.

Don't forget - SF Green Film Festival Members will get film & guest announcements first, invitations to the April 28 Program Launch Party and a pre-sale on Opening Night tickets.

See you at the movies!