Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Film Classic: Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1964 Cold War satire, with Peter Sellers as the eponymous Doctor with an ingenious and irrevocable scheme.


Stanley Kubrick





Running Time

95 mins 


SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - April 25, 2017

Film Classic.

In Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1964 Cold War satire, a psychotic Air Force General unleashes an ingenious and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia. The U.S. President works with the Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world. Peter Sellers stars as the eponymous Doctor.

Photo credit: Dr. Strangelove (c) 1963, renewed 1991 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.