New doc probes the tech supply chain - join the conversation

We all love – and live on – our smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

A cascade of new devices pours endlessly into the market, promising ever better communication, non-stop entertainment and instant information.

But can tech be made sustainably?


That's the question we'll be tackling at our upcoming film screening and panel discussion Death By Design, on November 1.

In an investigation spanning the globe, filmmaker Sue Williams probes the tech supply chain.

The film brings together leading environmental activist Ma Jun; young laborers in Chinese factories; and our own high tech corridors of Silicon Valley. 

Death By Design reveals the environmental and human impact of the consumer race for the latest devices. 

Designing for the Future

Tech reporter, Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times, will be on hand at our event to interview one of the subjects of the film, Kyle Wiens, iFixit.

Kyle has made it his mission to empower millions of people to repair their broken stuff.

And he's happy to take on some of the biggest tech companies to make it happen - see what he has to say about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note.

In Death By Design Kyle and his team take their challenge to China. Trying to find a factory that considers the environmental impact of production.

There's no doubt that we all feel a little guilty for our digital addiction. Kyle will join us at the film screening on November 1 to answer your questions.

At this Green Film Fest & Bay Area Science Festival event we're all bound to learn more from the people on the frontline that want to make our gadgets sustainable.

Green Film Fest and Bay Area Science Festival presents: Death By Design

Date: Tuesday, November 1
Time: 6pm Reception :: 7pm Film Screening & Discussion
Location: Ninth Street Independent Film Center, 145 9th Street, San Francisco

Tickets are still available for the SF Premiere of Death By Design and panel discussion with Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times and Kyle Wiens,