Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

2017 Green Tenacity Award: A new wave of colonialism is hitting Africa - the murky world of foreign investors buying farmland in developing countries.


Joakim Demmer





Running Time

80 mins 


SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - April 23, 2017

North American Premiere.

2017 Green Tenacity Award. 

A new wave of colonialism is hitting Africa. This time in the form of land-grabbing. Filmmaker Joakim Demmer and executive producer Fredrik Gertten (BANANAS!*, SFGFF 2011; Big Boys Gone Bananas, SFGFF 2013; Bikes vs. Cars, SFGFF 2014) step into the dangerous and murky world of foreign investors rushing to buy farmland in developing countries. Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas is a rallying cry from those who have nothing left to lose.

Following Ethiopian environmental journalist Argaw, it reveals how the good intentions of economic development have worked against small farmers. On the one hand the World Bank welcomes foreign investors for eradicating poverty, on the other hand we see Ethiopians losing access to their land, livelihoods and food. At the same time as being reliant on food aid, Ethiopia is exporting crops destined for international markets. The contradictions are plain to see in this revealing investigative documentary. - Gemma Bradshaw


DISCUSSION WITH: Joakim Demmer, filmmaker; Anuradha Mittal and Elizabeth Fraser, Oakland Institute; Gemma Bradshaw, SF Green Film Fest