Climate Action Film Contest Winners Announced

Hundreds of aspiring filmmakers showcased their talents by highlighting San Francisco’s environmental solutions in a competition organized by the San Francisco Green Film Festival.

Climate_Action_Winners.jpgThe winners of the Climate Action Film Contest were announced today, December 7, as policy makers from across the world met in Paris to reach an agreement on how to tackle climate change.

The contest received more than 250 entries from communities as diverse as local neighborhood schools and international businesses, and non-governmental organizations from as far away as Cameroon and Germany.

The winners all brought to life San Francisco's Climate Action goals, which address the causes of human-made climate change and are articulated as 0-50-100-Roots—zero waste, 50% of all trips made in sustainable modes of transit, 100% renewable energy and roots, which refers to capturing carbon and healing the planet.

The winning films will be shown at the sixth annual San Francisco Green Film Festival in April 2016.


Rachel Caplan, the Festival’s founder and CEO, said: “One of the drivers behind this competition was to give the opportunity for young and budding filmmakers to see their work on the big screen.

“We really have been blown away by some of the imaginative and inspiring ways entrants used to bring environmental issues in the city to our attention – from recycling waste to riding bikes about town, we see a huge amount of passion for being green in our community.

“With the Paris climate change talks in full swing, these films make it clear that people globally are ready to do more to protect the environment. We can't wait to see the ideas and discussions from Paris that will inspire next year's Festival.”


Debbie Raphael, Director of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment noted that: “We are absolutely thrilled and inspired by the creativity of these local, national and even international film makers in illustrating positive solutions to meet the challenges of climate change.”


The San Francisco Green Film Festival is extremely grateful to support from the contest’s sponsors Google, Wells Fargo, Arup, Autodesk, Business Council on Climate Change and San Francisco's Department of the Environment.


Watch the winners here>>



The winners are:


General Public Category

1st: Kidchup, Dir. Carolina Giannini Veirano and Guilherme Ghussn, Brazil


2nd: NatureRXDir. Justin Bogardus, USA

3rd: Natural LoveDir. Kuesti Fraun, Germany

Hon. Mention: JungleStairsDir. Ken Fisher and Ann Carol, San Francisco Bay Area


High School Category:

1st: The Art of BicyclingDir. Arshad Muhammad, San Francisco Bay Area 


2nd: Garbology 101Dir. John Bunyuo Njabi, Cameroon

3rd: ZombeesDir. D'Arion Curry-Matthews, San Francisco Bay Area

Hon. Mention: Recycling is Our CureDir. Lexi Wong, San Francisco Bay Area


K-8 Category:

1st: Walk to School DayDir. Mitchell Rusitzky, San Francisco Bay Area


2nd: Ride to SchoolDir. Serena Unger & Family, San Francisco Bay Area

3rd: Recycle ResponsiblyDir. Leela Wong, San Francisco Bay Area


Organization Category:

1st: Ice is MeltingDir. Sebastian Stojetz/Greenpeace, Germany

2nd: Karbon KombatDir. David Chai/Green Ninja Project, San Francisco Bay Area

3rd: War of GreencraftDir. Ariana Husain and Victoria Chames/Business Council on Climate Change, San Francisco Bay Area

Hon. Mention: Don't Drive, Text!Dir. Cole Roberts/ARUP, San Francisco Bay Area