Can You Dig This

Following four improbable gardeners as they join a movement to uproot the status quo in South L.A.


Delila Vallot





Running Time

80 mins 



SFGFF Film Program: 

Green Film Fest Screening - April 22, 2017

To some, South L.A. may conjure images of vacant lots and liquor stores; gangs and drug dealers. Yet a burgeoning movement of urban gardeners is working to change that perception, as well as that reality for the many who live there. Can You Dig This - Delila Vallot's debut documentary, executive produced by John Legend - follows four unlikely gardeners over a year, getting their hands dirty to change their own lives, their family's lives and their whole neighborhood. From a young girl trying to convince her dad to eat greens, to a renegade gardener that plants a food forest in his home, these are intimate depictions of what it means to, as he says, "plant some shit". This is not only a story for South L.A., the food deserts and daily struggles of our gardeners are reflected across American cities and the way we think about food, health and the environment.

DISCUSSION WITH: Delila Vallot, filmmaker; Randy Wittorp, Kaiser Permanente