Go Wild For Life

This year’s World Environment Day – Go Wild for Life – celebrates all species under threat from illegal wildlife products. 

Wildlife crime is endangering iconic elephants, rhinos and sea turtles. Lesser-known victims include helmeted hornbills, wild orchids and timbers like Rosewood.

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Announcing 2016 Encore Series

Encore! Encore! We heard you shout. 

We're bringing back some of our favorite Green Film Fest 2016 films to give you a second chance to see them with our Encore Series. 

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2016 Green Film Fest - Watch Again

Want to catch a film from the 2016 Festival again? Here’s a rundown of where you can buy or see some of your favorites:

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It's a Wrap! 2016 Green Film Fest Concludes On Inspiring Note To KEEP IT WILD

The 2016 Green Film Fest concluded April 20, after 7 days of films, panels and stimulating discussions about the world’s most pressing green issues.

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Closing Night 2016 Green Film Fest

After an incredible week of internationally-acclaimed films, visiting filmmakers and full theaters, Green Film Fest closed with two stunning shows.


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Breathe California - Clean The Air Film Fest

Since 2012, SFGFF is a proud sponsor of Breathe California’s annual Clear the Air Film Fest

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Green Spotlight: Green Film Fest Alums

As we close another Green Film Fest, we reflect on all the connections we have made in the past week of screenings and events.

While the festival itself has grown and evolved over the six years since it first started, one of the biggest rewards has been seeing the growth and change from some of our returning filmmakers over the years.

Mark Decena

Not Without Us filmmaker Mark Decena at the U.N. Paris climate talks (Photo: Sara Cortese)

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Green Film Fest - Weekend Buzz

A fantastic Green Film Fest weekend with full shows, many filmmakers and guests at the theater and lively audiences.

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Opening Night at Green Film Fest

We kicked off 2016 Green Film Fest at the Castro Theatre with Josh Fox's new film How To Let Go Of The World (and love all the things climate can't change).

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2016 Director’s Choice

Green Film Fest CEO & Founder, Rachel Caplan, explains why Behemoth is this year’s ‘Director’s Choice’:

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Green Spotlight: Artists at Green Film Fest

Every year at Green Film Fest we showcase green artists from across the Bay Area, including musicians, sculptors, designers, photographers and filmmakers who are inspired by the environment.

We've teamed up with Open Show San Francisco to showcase the Bay Area's best visual storytellers on Friday April 15, 6.30pm at 518 Valencia. 

The show PROJECT EARTH will feature photographers and filmmakers exploring our environment from five unique perspectives -- social documentary, science, wildlife, landscape and conceptual art.

Here's a glimpse at the featured artists...

Open Show

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The best things in life are free

Hiking in Marin, running through the Presidio, surfing at Ocean Beach: we are so lucky to have beautiful wilderness right here on our doorstep in San Francisco. And best of all, it doesn't cost a dime.

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Green Spotlight: Films From Around The World

International Films

The 2016 Green Film Fest may take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the program will transport audiences around the world, and feature works that show us how connected we all are.

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Sound of silence

Can you remember the last time you heard birdsong, or the wind blowing?

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Register Now - Reel Stories: Keep It Wild

Teens - in a few hours you can learn how to write, shoot and edit a film!  

Join San Francisco Green Film Festival and Robyn Bykofsky, local youth media expert and award-winning filmmaker, in a fun interactive afternoon of making your wildest ideas come to life.  


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Got Something Green to Say? Speak Out Now!

If you’re a regular at the San Francisco Green Film Festival, you’re probably familiar with the Video Story Booth. I’ve womaned the booth for the past four Festivals, inviting attendees to share their reactions to the films they've seen as they come out of the Green Film Fest theater.

As times have changed, so has the booth. This year we’re updating our name from Video Story Booth to Green Speak Out, reflecting something that has always been part of this endeavor - getting people to share their views.



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Green Spotlight: Youth Lens


The 2016 Green Film Fest is shaping up to be the most exciting yet, with the farthest reach across different audiences and contributors. While our Green Community spans many diverse groups, our filmmaker spotlight today falls on our youth filmmakers represented at the 2016 Festival.

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No te pierdas las películas Mexicanas en nuestro festival este año!


El Festival de Cine Verde en San Francisco 2016 tendrá una presentación especial y enfoque en México con una serie de documentales ambientales que cuentan las historias de la gente y sus propios caminos para proteger su tierra, el agua y los océanos.  

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An Inconvenient Legacy - Filmmakers Take

It was the film that changed everything. In the second part of our series on the 10th Anniversary of An Inconvenient Truth, we asked directors from this year's festival to tell us what Al Gore's film means to them.

2016 Green Film Fest

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The Long Haul: First Feature Film

Making a movie is hard. Finding a story, assembling the right crew, location scouting, scheduling, long production days, painstaking post-production days, and finally sending your film out into the world -- it calls for a particular type of courage.

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