Everyone's a filmmaker now

We know there are budding environmental filmmakers all around us. Are you a young director in the making? We want to see what you can do.

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Meet the team: Manuela

We have an amazing team of interns that volunteer their time and passion to making Green Film Fest happen. Each week we'll introduce our new recruits.

Find out more about why Manuela Pegoraro joined our team.

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Meet the team: Tommy

We have an amazing team of interns that volunteer their time and passion to making Green Film Fest happen. Each week we'll introduce our new recruits.

Find out more about why Tommy Texeira joined our team.

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We support bold and fearless filmmaking

SFChronicle_SeeingGreen_Trump"Film Festival tackles climate change and Donald Trump".

That was the San Francisco Chronicle headline when we launched the 2nd Green Film Fest in March 2012 with the premiere of You've Been Trumped.

Now, as then, we pledge to fight for the environment and for independent filmmakers.

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The State of Broadcast Coverage on Climate Change

We need media to inform and educate audiences about climate change if we're ever going to instigate change. 

Finding space on the airwaves

In 2015, the four major TV networks in the US (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) dedicated only 146 minutes of airtime in their news coverage to climate change.

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Technology Will Never Look The Same Again

Dropped jaws, and shocked gasps filled the room at Tuesday night’s San Francisco premiere of Death by Design by Sue Williams.

The sold out screening produced by the San Francisco Green Film Festival, as part of Bay Area Science Festival, was a rude awakening for many in the room.

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The fight to film climate action

UPDATE (11/30/16): Deia's prosecution has been officially suspended by the state of North Dakota. Which is to say, the State acknowledged that she is an established filmmaker and that no public interest would be served by continuing the prosecution. More here...

You’ve probably been following the shocking events unfold in North Dakota. 

Standing Rock Sioux tribe members and their supporters have been protesting the construction of an oil pipeline for months to protect their water. But over recent weeks the tensions with police hit boiling point.

We’re especially troubled by the arrest and charges against filmmaker Deia Schlosberg for filming the protests at the TransCanada's Keystone pipeline in Walhalla, North Dakota.

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Filmmaker challenges us to ask: Do I really need this?

Sue Williams' documentaries are an in-depth look into the past, present, and future.

In her most recent production, Death by Design, she does an in-depth investigation into the electronics and technology companies and the harmful environmental and health effects that come with them on a global scale.

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How do you decide which movies to accept? The Filmmakers.

We've been getting to the heart of this tough question: out of the hundreds of films submitted, how do we decide on the 70 films that we show at Green Film Fest?

It certainly seems to be getting harder every year. In part one of this series we took you step-by-step through the process; and then in part two we looked at the stories that catch our eye.

At the same time as looking at the stories on the screen, we're also interested in who is behind the camera.

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How do you decide which movies to accept? The Story.

This is a big question for any Festival. In part one, we covered the process of screening films and selection.

Here we're turning our heads towards the stories that catch our eye as we begin screening the hundreds of films that are submitted to Green Film Fest.

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New doc probes the tech supply chain - join the conversation

We all love – and live on – our smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

A cascade of new devices pours endlessly into the market, promising ever better communication, non-stop entertainment and instant information.

But can tech be made sustainably?

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How do you decide which movies to accept? The Process.

Every year we're seeing more and more quality environmental documentaries being submitted to Green Film Fest - over 600 last year!

It's thrilling to see this growth in environmental filmmaking. It also presents us with a logistical problem: with all the fantastic filmmakers in the field, emerging and established, how do we make the hard decision on which films to present at the Festival?

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The Green Fire Award

The Green Fire Award recognizes the best of independent filmmaking in the San Francisco Bay Area with a $1,000 cash prize for the filmmaker, decided by an expert Jury from the film and environmental fields. 

We can't overstate how thrilled we are to be able to give this Award to honor local talent.

And it was really important for us to find the right name to live up to it

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Announcing New Award for Green Film Fest 2017

Call For Entries

  • Announcing the inaugural Green Fire Award, a juried award for Best Bay Area Environmental Feature with $5,000 cash prize.
  • Launching the second annual Climate Action Shorts Awards for films that bring us positive solutions to meet the challenges of climate change.
  • Submissions now open in all categories for Green Film Fest 2017, April 20 - 26.
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Happy 100th Birthday National Parks!

To celebrate the Centennial of the National Parks Service we have selected some Green Film Fest films that dive into the National Parks experience.

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Maribel completes our first Climate Ride!

A massive congrats to board member Maribel Guevara for completing Climate Ride! 

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#Film4Climate: What's your climate solution?

What does climate change mean to you? What are you doing to solve the climate challenge?  What is your climate message to the world?

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Join our team! Development Coordinator // 2017 Green Film Fest

Festival_volunteers_by_Pamela_Gentile.jpgWe're hiring!

Love watching films? Passionate about the environment? Want to ‘make a difference’? Then be a part of our core team and help make next year's Festival our best yet.

We're looking for a Development Coordinator for the 2017 Green Film Fest. The ideal candidate will take pride in their organizational skills and be keen to expand their knowledge of non-profit fundraising and development. This is a part-time, seasonal position from Oct thru April. Apply by August 31.

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Encore! Encore! An American Ascent

Our 2016 Encore Series continues July 20, with a free screening of An American Ascent at San Francisco Public Library.

Ever been told that something is not for you? The Expedition Denali team didn't let that stand in their way. In An American Ascent we get up close and personal as nine African American's become the first team to take on Mount Denali.

You'll also get the chance to hear from one of the most passionate & dedicated people we've ever met - Expedition Denali climber Scott Briscoe, who will be joining us for the screening.

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Bigger Picture: Honoring Cecil the Lion & Born Free

When we heard the news of the killing of Cecil the Lion, we knew that we must honor him and the many lions lost each year at the 2016 Green Film Fest as part of our Keep It Wild theme.

The clear choice for this event was to bring the classic film Born Free to San Francisco for a special 50th Anniversary screening.  

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